Saturday, 30 April 2016

DIY Islamic Quotes Note to give out while travelling


Today, I would like to share something that I do, that I thing could help to 'at least' tell people about Islam while we are on a holiday. In fact, this job does not only apply to 'Ustaz, and Ustazah' but to all of us Muslims.

Though it is not something major, nor something that I want to brag on, but I believe, little things we do can actually move people to probably be interested in Islam. So what did I actually do? 

1. Firstly, I searched for interesting Islamic quotes that is easy for non-muslims to understand. After tremendous research, I found that there are a few quotes that are quite simple but what I like the most is a quote by our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. :

"Even a smile is a charity"

Isn't that just beautiful? One simple sentence, but it gives so much impact and shows how beautiful Islam is. Why did I choose this quote? It is because I see that Koreans (because at that time I was about to go to Korea), do not smile that much to people as they are too busy with their works. So I was determined to create a small beautiful note to be distributed while I was there.

How did I do it?

I only used Microsoft Word. I got the beautiful border from Google, and I just put in a text box in the middle. Use a different font for each text and give some colours for more impact. 

There you have it, your own DIY Islamic Quote Note.

Below are some pictures I took after I gave this note to the Koreans. Hopefully, if they have the wills, they could translate it on google to know what it means in Korean if they don't understand English. 

While giving it to them, I wished them 

"Have a good day" (in Korean)

Joheun Haru Deseyo!

Below is the picture for reference
I found that most of the Koreans were very, very very and super, super, super, suupeeeeeer, happy when I wished them Have a good day!

Below are some of the pictures I took as proof that I gave them this cute note! :)

Not only i gave it to Koreans, I also gave the notes to some Singaporeans, Nigerians and other nationalities which I couldn't remember of. I took the chance to give them these notes while staying at different guest houses, and hostels, so I had the chance to meet soooo many people from around the world. 

So this is my chance! I would not let go of this chance! haha.

While we were enjoying ourselves at Heundae beach, suddenly, two women came to us, gave us some flyers and explained the beauty of Christianity. If they could do it, why can't we? I never once in my life see Muslims distributing flyers or tell others the beauty of Islam. I hope, from now on, we could all help Islam to flourish by starting off with a simple, effortless step, which is by giving people brochures or notes to tell the beauty of Islam.

Through this, In sha Allah, you can get two things at a time, travelling, and inviting people to love Islam too!

Good luck dear travellers and all Muslims ;)


  1. Can i call you Kak Nurul?

    btw kak nurul, i always fall in love with your blog and also for what you do while travelling. i love travelling. perhaps i can do what you had done someday; spread beauty of islam while travelling over the world and get much experience. now i'm focusing on my spm. wish me luck in my spm and my dreams will come true.

    stay beauty and keep moving forward :))

    -sarah (

    1. Thank you dear. Wishing you all the best for your SPM and may your wish come true too 😘😘

  2. good idea! yup missionaries kat sana banyak jugak, ada yang agak extreme. tp kalau kita tunjuk akhlak yg baik, perception mereka terhadap Islam pun akan jadi positive :)

    1. Thank you dear. Yes betullll tapi kadang2 akhlak dorang lagi baik dari akhlak kita org islam ni huhu 😭😭

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