Friday, 27 September 2013


Hey guys. In this entry, I feel like sharing with you guys about emm... Of Course UK! 

So here's a story about me and UK. LOL. okay okay. Let's go on.

Where did you use to live and how long?

I lived in UK for 4 years; 2 years when I was 3-5years old, and another 2 years, when I was 9 - 11 years old. (Luckily I was 'fortunate' enough to sit for my UPSR in year 6, and got As for my BM papers, which was kinda funny as I was not really good in BM. Konon orang putih gitteeww haktuiihhh) 

We stayed in Miltonkeynes (sometimes abbreviated MK, a large town in Buckinghamshire, about 45 mi north-west of London) and Cardiff, Wales (easily identified as being in the pig's head).

As you all know, this is the map of the United Kingdom :

and that's where we used to live. Look closely at WALES. Don't you see there's a pig's head?

What's it like to live in UK?

(I may be outdated - it's been 10 years, but this is my Point of View during my times there)

The weather sucks - GLOOMY almost all the time.
The neighbourhood was cool! It was soo safe, you didn't even need fence to protect your house. (In Malaysia, surely your house will be an easy target)
The citizens there respected other races
My friends are AWESOME (we still keep in touch)
Loved the carboots (a place where you sell used stuff at a very CHEAP price - you can get the whole set of Harry Potter books for £3 = RM18 by then )
Loved the sceneries, the castles, the histories.
Loved the education system ( I was always the first in class, thanks to Malaysian education system - the British don't perform that well in exams)
Loved the school (School started at 9 am)

What's it like to be schooling there?

No homework. You finish your work AT SCHOOL.
My teachers jot down my developments EVERY DAY. (Maybe thats why in Malaysia they are starting this PBS thingy)
I had my own drawer where I kept all my works, and my own closet to hang my jackets/coats.
By year 5, I had learnt the topics that is equivalent to the Form 2 Syllabus for Math.
Every week, each class MUST perform during assembly.
School started at 9 a.m and ended at 3.30 pm
Three times of play times. ( It's is sad to see that in Malaysia, kids are given only 20minutes for recess. Where's the fun man?)
Every week, one person from each class will be called by the class teacher to receive 'GOOD JOB/EXCELLENT' stickers, and the best part was, the headmaster stick them on you. (Imagine how proud you'll be)
We studied History and Geography by the age of 11. Cool eyy?
Famous words at school :
1) Did you know....?
4) Really?

*There was no such thing as LOL back then.

How were the Malays there?

No one faced culture shock. We are Malaysians. We celebrated eid just like how we celebrate in Malaysia.

I remembered back then, when I used to be sooo 'pelat' in BM, I even pronounced 
'kenaphe buwrung tuww tewrrebangg?"

Guess what was I saying?
Don't get it?

Well, I said : 
"Kenapa burung tu terbang?" 

Haha. *entah hape2 je aku dulu*

To sum up, I do miss UK, but it's not the country that I want to live in. In fact, I love Malaysia more.  I still don't get it why people boast about UK.

I miss you bestie. xoxo


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