Sunday, 8 November 2015

Klebang, Melaka

Hello there. I recently went to Klebang Beach ( Pantai Klebang) in Malacca. If you plan to visit to Malacca, why not stop over at Klebang?

To me, Malacca is a piece of art. They are so creative in everything they do! The recent attraction is definitely the BUSTEL. What the heck is that? It is a bus + hotel = bustel.
Some simple math lesson. Haha.

The old busses that are now transformed into hotels. It is quite cheap, only RM 80 per night for 2 people.

Well, since I have a place to stay already, so let's skip this part and go to another part.

Bustel Stalls!

Ranging from different kind of menu, you can have a try to eat and support our local business!

You can start of with Coconut Shake with different kinds of flavours :

Original RM 2.50
Oreo RM 3.50
Milo RM 3.50

I've tried the Oreo, and it's quite nice and soothing!

Behind every successful man (the stalls), there is a woman (the bus) Hahahaha

 In front of the stalls, you can actually see the beach. To tell you the truth, Klebang probably is not one of the most beautiful beach you have ever seen. But since you are already in Malacca, why not just stop by. It is only 10 minutes drive from malacca town ( A' famosa, and others)

You would probably ask what the heck am I wearing?
I am actually wearing Malaysian traditional attire - Baju Kurung. 

Well, actually, we just got back from an event at a hotel, so usually, *USUALLY* formal events require us to wear Baju Kurung. After the event, we passed by Klebang, so why not if we 'stop by' a while. 

I know it seems ridiculous to wear such outfit, but I don't care and I'm proud of my tradition!

Here, in Klebang, you could also ride on the pony for RM 10 (for short distance) and RM 15 (for longer distance).

Some other cool things you can do is playing with the giant bubble. I am not sure what it's called, but I have always longed to play with it!

How to get to Klebang ?

Just follow the brown signboard with a picture of a beach in white with KLEBANG on it. Or you can just use waze. 

That's all guys. Have a good day ~


  1. Bru tau..sgt cool..pstt cantikk sgt sis

  2. Bru tau..sgt cool..pstt cantikk sgt sis

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  5. Nice picture, Audra. You may want to check out some of the attractions near pantai klebang