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Ryokan Chic Hotel Review

Have you always wanted to try to sleep in a ryokan like how the Japanese do in Japan? Japan is a bit far I must say, but we have one just right here, in Damansara! You can enjoy a Ryokan here but moderned, at Ryokan Chic Hotel!

This hotel is among the favourites of Taiwanese, Japanese, Koreans, Americans, Canadian tourists and businessmen! So how does this Ryokan Chic Hotel looks like? I wonder... I was so anxious because I have never experienced a hotel like this in Malaysia, and I was excited to know more about this hotel! 

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Finding the hotel was easy but the parkings were limited since it is located at the shop lots so I could definitely understand why. Fret not, Ryokan Chic Hotel provides parking vouchers for their customers, but if finding a parking spot is not possible, you can park at The Starling mall, just in front of the shop lots, and you can just take the escalator to get here! As simple as that!

So this is the entrance to Ryokan Chic Hotel.

 You need to take some stairs but heyy the stairs look good! 

This is the reception. The check in time before 12 pm and the check out time is no later than 12 pm.

The interior design of this place. Nice!

A place for you to hangout!

For your information, there are 5 rooms types and they have a total of 40 rooms! 

Below are the average pricing for each room :

Superior Single room RM 94
Deluxe Queen Room RM 122
Premier Twin Room RM 132
Deluxe King Room RM 132
Premier Family Room RM 150

The price of the rooms fluctuates. There are special rates for loyal customers, corporates and for travel agencies. So give them a call to enquire about the latest room price okay?

Let’s have a tour to see how the room looks like.

Superior Single room

For those of you who prefers to travel alone, a cosy little area of about 110 sq ft gives you just the right amount of space for you to relax and unwind as you bask in solitude.

Single room has one bed but the entire space is all yours! I am even surprised by how spacious the toilet is! Haha

Deluxe Queen Room

A space of about 150 sqft is just the right size for you if you’re traveling with a buddy! This category features rooms with either a queen sized mattress, or two single sized mattress. Best suites for two buddies, a couple, or just one person who likes sleeping in a big bed! 

Premier Twin room

Deluxe King room

As the name implies, this is the most luxurious room in Ryokan chic hotel. Featuring a king sized mattress, large LCD TVs in a generous space of 190 sqft, you’ll never want to leave!

If you did not bring any toiletries with you, no worries because it is provided especially for you!

I just love the shower! I love the toilet! Oh my god!! *screams*

There is also an LCD TV for you to kill your boredom! 

A safety deposit is bestowed in each room for you to keep your belongings safe!

Premier Family room

Basically the design and layout is almost the same and I can guarantee you that all rooms are so big and spacious, and to be honest, for a boutique hotel, Ryokan Chic Hotel has the biggest rooms I have ever seen!

So overall, this is what you could get in each room :

Note : Iron & hair dryer is available upon request.

They also provide breakfast for around RM 15 per pax, and you could just go to the cafe nearby. Hungry but you don't feel like going out? Ryokan Chic Hotel also collaborates with other cafes and they even can send the food right at your doorsteps! Cool!

Ryokan Chic Hotel has also won an award for Travel & hospitality due to their strategic location! They have also been featured in Jalan Jalan Makan Angin in TV3. 

I personally experienced it myself for a night and it was a remarkable experience! I love the ryokan concept so much! The staff was really nice and welcoming, the location is strategic if you have a business meet up in the town, the room is really big and spacious, they provide amenities!

If you wish to experience it yourself, you could just visit their website :

or you could just contact them through the followings :

Tel: +603 7726 6260
Fax: +603 7727 6260

Address :
97-M Jalan SS 21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Below is the map to get to Ryokan Chic Hotel :


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